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General Information



1.Visa applications (Schengen and National) can be submitted not before six (6) months of the intended entry into Schengen territory, and as a rule, not later than 15 calendar days before of the intended entry (only in justified individual cases of proven urgency, exceptions could be made).

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants travelling to multiple Schengen Countries have to present the application to the Consulate of the Schengen Member State where they are spending more time (counting days) considering also the intended purpose of stay



The Visa Office handles the issuance of visas allowing applicants entrance into Italy or the EU/Schengen Area. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to ongoing emergencies and urgent priorities, the automated scheduling system prenotaonline  is TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED,  for VISAS ONLY, until further notice.

For pre-authorized MISSION/CONTRACTOR, SPORT, SUBORDINATE WORK OR SHORT WORK ASSIGNMENT, please WRITE to  the Visa Office directly via email at 

STUDENTS:  please follow the checklist on the website and,  if not part of a group submittal,  submit complete applications with notarized signature.  For any further or specific concern or category,  please write directly to visti.filadelfia@esteri.

We highly recommend that students prepare documentation EARLY  90  days prior to departure. We endeavor to do our best, mindful of travel dates, however, officially and by law processing time is up to 90 days.


ALL other requests for essential and allowable authorized travel,  can be considered by this Consular Office by writing to 

Please consider that  due to extremely high volumes of requests,  we can answer incoming calls only seldom  therefore please write specific  e-mail.

WHEN WRITING AN E-MAIL:  Please specify the exact nature of your request,  intended travel date and/or urgency.  Please consider that due to the high volume of incoming e-mails,  generic questions you can find online on our website will not be answered. No information regarding the status of a Visa application will be given over the phone or other email addresses.

VISA FEES (adjusted every 3 months), please click here.

Please be informed that payments for any consular service (including Visas) must be made solely by Postal Money Order (USPS), payable to “Consulate General of Italy”.

For further information, and to verify if you need a Visa, you may consult the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website at this link:



To avoid delays,  please consult ALL the appropriate links (left side) before submitting your application and do not send any documents via e-mail.   Incomplete Visa Applications will not be accepted and will be returned without processing.

Processing time  

Short stay/Schengen Visas:  average processing time for most nationalities of applicants and many categories of visas can be  up to 15 days. 

Long Stay/National Visas: according to Italian law,  processing time for Long Term National Visa can vary by category,  up to a maximum of 90 days.

The Consular administration has full authority to evaluate and request other documents in addition to those submitted by the applicant. The latter is hereby informed that submitting the application does not guarantee automatic issuance of the visa.

Consular jurisdiction

This Consulate General can process visa applications only for the residents within our consular jurisdiction: Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland (except Prince George and Montgomery Counties), New Jersey (the following counties only: Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, Ocean, Salem), North Carolina, Virginia (except Fairfax and Arlington Counties) and West Virginia.
Students enrolled full-time at a University located within our jurisdiction meet the residence requirement. Please refer to the appropriate Italian Consulate if you reside outside our jurisdiction.

All applications must be submitted in person at this Consulate General OR you may also make personal appearance at the following Italian Honorary Consulates within this Consular jurisdiction : Baltimore, Norfolk, Charlotte, Pittsburgh. (click here for Consular network)
Please note however: Honorary Consulates do not issue or approve visa applications.

Passport requirements

Passport must have been issued within the previous 10 years, your passport must be valid at least 3 months beyond the date of your return to the United States and must contain at least two blank pages.

Immigration status in the USA

Only holders of one of the following documents are eligible to apply for a visa:

Applicants for Schengen Visas (short stay up to 90 days):

Proof of legal residence in the USA and re-entry document such as original valid US permanent resident card (aka: green card) or valid US Visa (e.g. type A,E,F plus endorsed I-20 by competent authority, G,H,I,J plus J1 documents, L,O,R). The US PRC or Visa should be valid at least three months beyond the intended departure from the territory of the Member State.

Holders of B1/B2 Visa may only apply for air transit visas, if necessary.

American citizens do not need a visa to travel to Italy or other Schengen countries for up to 90 days every six months for purpose of Tourism, Business or Study. For all other purposes, a visa is required and must be obtained from the Italian Consulates before entering in Italy. No Visas will be issued in Italy.

Entering in Italy

Health Insurance :
Proof of Worldwide Travel Insurance covering the entire period of stay in Italy/Schengen territory. Travel Insurance can be purchased from a travel agent or online. US health insurances are accepted only with letter from the insurance provider confirming overseas coverage and specifically state that you will be covered for any medical expenses, hospitalization, evacuation and repatriation for at least 30,000 euro ($50,000 USD) during your stay in Europe. Note that failure to provide this document with this exact wording will delay the issue of the visa.

Obligation of foreigners upon entry into Italy with a visa:
Foreigners entering Italy for business, tourism and study for up to 90 days do not need to apply for a “permesso di soggiorno” (residence permit). For all the other type of visas, for periods over 90 days, the “Permesso di Soggiorno” is required within 8 days of their arrival in Italy.

Schengen member Countries and regulations

The Consulate General handles the issuance of visas allowing applicants entrance into Italy and the “Schengen Countries ” : The Schengen area includes the following countries: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

The Schengen visa is issued by the Consulate of the Schengen country that will be the main destination of the trip. Should the time spent in different Schengen countries be of the same length, the visa will be issued by the Consular Representation of the country of first entry. A valid visa, if required, for the country that the applicant is visiting before a Schengen country is needed at the time of the application.