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Repatriation of human remains or cremains


Repatriation of human remains or cremains

The loss of a loved one is a painful event. When it happens abroad there may be additional logistics difficulties in case it was the desire of the deceased or the family to find a final rest place for the remains in Italy.  

In this page you will find guidelines for the procedure of transporting human remains into Italy as well as instructions on the necessary paperwork.

Once the Italian Consulate has been contacted and the paperwork submitted, a request for "nulla osta" will be sent to the Italian township (Comune) in order to receive authorization for the remains or cremains to enter Italy and the township.  With said authorization the Consulate will be able to issue a mortuary passport.  The funeral home in charge, designated and paid by the family of the deceased, may then proceed with the repatriation of the remains.  For cremated remains, the family may decide to take care directly of the entire procedure and personally accompany the urn into Italy, to its final rest place.

You may find detailed instructions on the necessary paperwork and forms in the column to the right of this page.  Please select REMAINS (for whole bodyes) or CREMAINS (for cremated remains). The instructions are in English, for immediate use by the funeral homes.

The complete paperwork may be mailed or personally delivered to the Assistance office of the Consulate.  You may contact the Assistance office for any further question at In case of personal delivery of the documents, please send an email beforehand to the Assistance office to make an appointment. This will guarantee the promptest processing of your documents.