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Codice Fiscale


Codice Fiscale


The Codice FIscale is an identifier unique to each person that is used when dealing with Italian government offices or for private concerns and is formulated using a combination of the person’s name, place and date of birth.  Usually it is attributed by the Office of Income Revenue (Agenzia delle Entrate) through local tax offices.

Applicants residing outside of Italy may apply for their personal codice fiscale at the consular office competent by jurisdiction.
To submit your request at the Italian Consulate in Philadelhia you will need:

- A filled out request form (you can download it from the column to the right of this page)
- Copy of birth certificate
- Copy of a document bearing the applicant’s address (US driver's license or utility bill, etc)
- Copy of a photo ID (preferably valid passport). Note: the name on the ID document should match perfectly the name on the birth certificate.  If this were not to be the case, the applicant should either provide a copy of a decree of name change, or provide an ammended brth certificate, or obtain an ID with the birth name. Marriage certificates are not legal documents for name change in Italy, so they cannot be accepted.

- Self addressed, stamped envelope for the return of the original codice fiscale document


If the request is for a minor, a parent should fill out the form with minor's information and parent's signature.  The application should also include:

- Copy of the parent photo ID;

- Copy of the parent codice fiscale.


By mail, you may address your application to the attention of the Assistance Office. 

For any additional questions, you may email