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Autocertification means “a certification produced by the applicant which substitutes the usualy certificatio” (art.2, law 15/1968). This represents the possibility for the Italian citizen to furnish the same information found in public registers in a much simpler and less burdensome way.

The right to avail oneself to autocertification is given to all Italian citizens and citizens of European countries.
The right to avail oneself of substitute declarations has also been extended to non-European citizens who are legally residing in Italy limited to information which can be verified by public record.

Autocertification and substitute declarations may be utilized with the Public Administration, with concessionary offices and with administrators of public offices.
They cannot be used with private dealings, unless the individuals involved permit their use, nor can they be used in front of judicial authorities in the execution of judicial functions.

Certificates substituted by autocertification 

One can use autocertification in the following cases:

date and place of birth;



enjoyment of political rights;

state of being single, married or widowed;

family composition;

life status;

birth of a child;

death of a spouse, ancestor or decendent;

military status;

public registration;

educational degrees;

professional titles;

university exams taken and grades received;

specialized degrees;

specialized professional titles;

technical qualification titles;

financial situation also to obtain any type of benefit allowed by law;

Italian tax code or partita IVA; 

state of unemployment;

state of retirement or type of pension;



to be the legal representative of a person or entity;

membership in any kind of association or social group;

lack of criminal record;

any information regarding the vital statistic status of the applicant which can be found in municipal registers of public record


For normal certifications, the substitute declaration may be written on plain paper and signed under one’s own responsibility (it is not necessary to sign in front of a consular representative) or a pre-printed form may be filled out.
It is also possible to send documents and certificates by fax, by mail o by electronic means to the Public Administration.