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Multifunctional application form (for AIRE, passports and vital records:  to request the registration of a birth or marriage certificate in Italy)

Application form for Citizenship
(for the recognition of Italian citizenship through "jure sanguinis")

Application form for Codice Fiscale
(request for the Italian tax code)

Application for Legal Office
(form for powers-of-attorney)

Application for Atto Notorio 
(form for foreigners getting married in Italy)

Application for Rimpatriation
(form for rimpatriation to Italy)

Vital Records:  Applications for divorce 
(request for registratin of divorce in Italy)
(personal declaration for registration of divorce in Italy)

Vital Records
(request to register a death certificate in Italy)

(Form to be used in case of photographautentication)

Declaration of Value  
(Application Form)

To view these forms Adobe Reader is necessary.
To download the latest version visit Adobe website.