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Variations to access our Consular Services



Variations to access our Consular Services

Following the implementation of temporary measuraments in regards to the Convid-19 emergency, we outline below important variations and access to our Consular Services:

  • The access to our facility will be regulated in accordance to the emergency new guidelines. the public will be handled only based on appointments or prooved urgency. Only the applicants themself will be allowed to attend; no one else presence will be acceptable unless necessary related to the service purpose. 
  • Payments in regards to Consular fees can be made by postal money ordery only.
  • Appointments for Citizenship requests will consist of submitting the actual documentation (including applications and forms) and the appropriate fee. Confirmation receipt will be emailed at a later time. Also the review and evaluation of the application will be performed within the following weeks.
  • Updates and information about our Consular Services will still be available in our website.