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Cultura e Lingua Italiana


Cultura e Lingua Italiana

Education Office

tel (215) 279 9565

Patrizia Calanchini Monti

The Education Office coordinates and promotes courses of Italian language and culture in the schools of the Consular Network.
The Education Office’s primary responsibilities are:
• to supervise Italian language courses to ensure continuity and linguistic as well as methodological quality of the courses;
• to establish partnerships with the State Departments of Education, with School Districts as well as with charter and private schools aimed at implementing Italian language;
• to develop workshops and training sessions for teachers, in collaboration with Italian and local universities and with professional associations of teachers.

Enti gestori
The Education Office collaborates with Enti Gestori, non-profit institutions which are supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to organize Italian courses in local schools.
During the 2017-2018 school year approximately 9700 students have been involved in more than 512 courses supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

America-Italy Society of Philadelphia – A.I.S.
230 South Broad Street, Suite 1105
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Tel. 215 735-3250
President: Ute Striker
Director: Franca Riccardi

1809 West Oregon Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19145
Tel. 215 334 8882
President: Rosetta Miriello
Director: Marco Circelli



The AP Italian Language and Culture Exam assesses students' proficiency in various modes of communication in Italian. It is normally taken during High School senior year and is equivalent to a college-level course.
Students who pass AP Italian, depending on the score, can receive credits in most US universities and in many universities abroad. A list of all universities which have an agreement with the College Board can be found in the College Board International website.
Students who have graduated from an American High School and have passed AP Italian and 2 other APs in subjects related to the future academic studies, can directly enrol in Italian universities.
Students taking AP Italian can apply to Eduitalia for scholarships and experience an unforgettable study experience in Italy. Eduitalia is an association of over 80 Italian schools and universities.
About 3000 students have passed AP Italian in 2018 which is evidence of the great interest of American students for the Italian language.

Observatory of Italian language
The local observatory of the Italian language is actively involved in various initiatives aimed at reaching the goals set by the National Observatory Strategic Plan for the promotion of Italian language and culture in American schools.
Members of the local observatory are representatives of schools and universities as well of Italian businesses who cooperate to identify and implement shared and focused strategies to spread, monitor and improve the study of Italian language in the states of the consular network.


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