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Contributions for 2024 to Support Italian Programs


MAECI has issued the instructions and forms to be used for requests from schools for Cap. 2619 p.g.2. contributions for the year 2024 for the creation and maintenance of existing Italian chairs in foreign educational institutions (intended to cover part of the remuneration of teachers hired directly by the schools under contracts governed by local law) or, alternatively, to contribute part of the cost of scholarships and study visits to Italy for honor students of Italian.

1.The forms to be used for the application Att. A (Italian chairs)Att. B (for study trips to Italy) have been updated for the current fiscal year.

Requests for contributions to Cap.2619/2 from schools must be accompanied by the following documents

  1. a) A letter from the requesting school, written in Italian, containing the school’s identifying information (name, address, contact information) and a detailed justification of the request, signed by the school’s director.
  2. b) The application form All. A form for Italian teachers and All. B for scholarships /study trips to Italy.

2.The above forms have been created in editable PDF format to facilitate data entry and to allow the legal representative of the requesting school to upload their signature (in jpeg format). To ensure full functionality of the editable PDF format, it is necessary to open the attachments using Adobe, Internet Explorer or Edge. Only applications completed in editable PDF format will be accepted.


  1. Detailed criteria and procedures for the award of grants are contained in the Director’s Decree No. 4815/0229 of February 5, 2024, available at the following link


Applications from schools should be sent to the School Office by March 1, 2024 at the following e-mail address: