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Lost or Stolen Passport

Please contact the Italian Consulate by email or in person.

For the issuance of a new passport please submit the following:

A copy of the police report  (printable from this page);

Valid picture ID document.

If the applicant has an emergency situation (for example: a tourist who must return to Italy immediately) and there is no time to request the required Nulla Osta to issue a new passport, an Emergency Travel Document will be issued and it will be valid ONLY to return to Italy (and certain transit countries).

To obtain an Emergency Travel Document you need to present or mail:

  • Travel Document Application ;
  • Police report obtained from the Police Precinct where the theft occurred;
  • Lost/stolen passport self declaration (printable from this page);
  • 2 passport pictures (4.5cm X 3.5cm, frontal, white background);
  • Another photo ID (such as driver’s license or identity card);
  • Passport number (if available);
  • Proof of airline reservation;
  • $2.00 cash;
  • If submitting via mail, please include a self-addressed, pre-paid return envelope

The Emergency Travel Document has a validity of 7 days.