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Passports for Minors

Passport for minors over the age of 12 (the child must be present at the Consulate for the acquisition of fingerprints)

To request a passport for a minor born abroad, the minor’s birth certificate must be registered in Italy.  If you have not yet registered your child’s birth, please follow the instructions in the Vital Records section.

Minors in need of a passport must have an online appointment booked.

On the day of the appointment the minor (with at least one parent) will need to be present at the Consulate with the following:

· Application for minors duly filled out by one of the two parents. The other parent must sign this form either in person at the Consulate or in front of a notary public, giving consent (if the parent is not an EU citizen the consent form must be notarized by a notary public);

· Copies of parents’ passports;

· Two passport pictures (4.5cm X 3.5cm, frontal, white background);

· Previous Italian passport, unless you are applying for your first passport or in case your previous passport was either lost or stolen. In this case, please bring the Police record confirming the loss of the passport.

· Visa or green card;

· Legible photocopy of other passport (if other nationalities apply);

· Payment: payable only by a(1) USPS money order (obtainable at any postal office) for the administrative tax plus the passport/booklet made out to Consulate General of Italy. Please check the Consular fee table (art.27 A+B). No other forms of payment will be accepted;


Passports for minors under the age of 12

Such passports must be requested by mail by sending the above-mentioned documents and a pre-paid and self-addressed envelope. In addition, one of the two photos must be authenticated by a notary public, using the photo authentication form.