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General Information

The Citizenship Department operates by appointment only. All applications must be submitted in person to the Citizenship Office of the Consulate General  (the specific procedures for the different types of citizenship are provided here below). 

To book appointments for the Citizenship Department of our Consulate General please use PRENOT@MI.

Please note that Prenotami is free of charge. Whoever makes appointments on behalf of others charging a fee must be reported to this Consulate General and legal actions will be taken against him/her.

*IMPORTANT - Avoid submitting citizenship requests by marriage from the portal Min. Interno between July 1st and August 3rd 2022*

The Consular fee for Citizenship requests might be paid by cash.

List of translators and services

Information on how to request Apostilles


Information on the protection of individuals with reference to the processing of personal data for the purposes of recognition of Italian citizenship jus sanguinis or of its acquisition by naturalization (articles 5 and 7, as well as article 9, paragraph 1, letter c, and paragraph 2 of Law no. 91/1992) (General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, art. 13).


This booking system makes possible the scheduling of appointments for two separate sections of our citizenship services:

A. Applications for citizenship by descent (Jure Sanguinis). In accordance to Governament guidelines, due to a massive requests backlog, new appointments in this section will not be available until further notice.

B. All other services, including the re-acquisition procedure, renounces of Italian citizenship and citizenship by marriage.


This Consulate General does not provide legal services in regards to preparation and retrival of necessary documentation.

Emails or voice messages in ragards to appointments or applications' "status" will not be replied.