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Divorce Registration

1. LIST OF DOCUMENTS REQUIRED TO REGISTER A DIVORCE CERTIFICATE IN ITALY: • Final Decree, or Final Judgment of divorce, or Final Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage;

• Certificate of “No Appeals Pending” (Original or certified copy) with Apostille and translation into Italian;

• Copy of the spouses’ passports (both if possible);

• Completed and signed application form (attachments 1 and 2).


• The “Final decree” and the Certificate of “No Appeals Pending” can be requested from the court (Courthouse) that issued the divorce decree

• In the event the Court that granted the divorce does not issue the certificate of NO APPEALS PENDING, you may: – ask the Court that issued the judgment to make a statement similar to the one found at this link (click).  The document must be apostilled and translated into Italian.  You may also request the issuance of the certificate from the lawyer who handled the divorce or another attorney in the same State.  The attorney must verify the absence of appeals from the date of the divorce decree and for the time established by the court to make appeals. The Final Decree and the “No appeals pending” certificate must both be translated into Italian with the Apostille.


• The Apostille can be requested at the Secretary of State of the State in which the document was issued (for example, if the birth certificate was issued by the Department of Health in  Pennsylvania, the apostille must be requested to the Secretary of State of Pennsylvania).

• The apostille does NOT have to be translated into Italian

• The following link contains useful information regarding the U.S. Secretaries of State within this consular jurisdiction Useful information on how to request the Apostille


The translation must be complete and correspond to the order of the fields and data shown on the original, must be typed and must not show conversions of weights and/or measures. Translations that do not meet these requirements will be rejected. The Consulate does not provide document translation services. Self-produced translations are acceptable if they are complete, accurate, and typewritten. The Consulate provides a list of professional translators, or you can use other professional translation services found elsewhere.

The complete documentation may be submitted in person or sent by mail to:

Consulate General of Italy in Philadelphia Attention: Ufficio di Stato Civile 600 Chestnut St, Suite 956 Philadelphia, PA 19106

The method of mailing the documents is the choice of the applicant and it is strongly suggested that you mail using a tracking number

Original documents will NOT be returned