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Atto Notorio for Marriages in Italy

This consular office will be able to guide you in obtaining an Atto Notorio prior to your departure for Italy in order to get legally married. For what needs to happen in Italy, you should get directly in touch with both the competent US Consulate and the township (Comune) where you will get married.

Please read carefully this instruction packet.

This is the procedure to obtain an Atto Notorio:

You will need to come in person to the Consulate with four (4) witnesses. The Consulate has to be the one competent by jurisdiction, according to your residency. You may verify it here.

The Atto notorio is for foreign citizens only. For this Consulate, the foreign citizen is a US citizen only, since we are a foreign mission in the US.

4 witnesses are always mandatory, even if the Atto Notorio was to be for only one spouse.

Italian citizens living in Italy should request the “pubblicazioni” at their Comune of residence or at the Stato Civile office of this consulate if registered AIRE for more than 6 months. If the latter is the case, please contact for guidance on the “pubblicazioni”.  Appointments can be joined on the same day for Atto Notorio and Pubblicazioni, the two offices will coordinate with you.

For the Atto Notorio we can schedule an appointment as soon as you email to  the complete documentation you will need to submit at the appointment for review (form, passport and driver’s license for bride, groom and 4 witnesses, your birth certificate long form with apostille and Italian translation, other documents if previously married).

Here you may find contacts of professional translators

Here the Application Form

You will also need to schedule an appointment with the competent US consulate in Italy, prior to the wedding date.  Visit the link to their website  (also in the instructions).

The Atto Notorio is valid for 90 days only, within which the wedding has to take place.  So you should count the days backwards, establishing your wedding date, the appointment with the US consulate in Italy and finally the appointment with this consulate, within that time frame.

After you’ve read carefully the complete package, if you have any additional questions, you may contact