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Register of Italians living abroad (AIRE)

Registry of Italian Citizens – Anagrafe

The Anagrafe Office is responsible for the Registration of Italian Citizens Residing Abroad (AIRE).

Law #.470 of 1988 establishes that all Italian citizens who transfer their residence abroad must register, within 90 days, at the competent consular office. This is also applicable for those who emigrated before the passing of this law, and are therefore obligated to register as well.

AIRE registration is mandatory in order to obtain all documents and certificates issued by this consular office, as well as for the application of the renewal or issuance of a passport. Once registered in the computerized system of this Consulate General, the time needed to address issues regarding individual files should be considerably less.

Italian citizens must be registered in the official registry of an Italian town or municipality. The registration allows, among other things, for the exercise of all priviledges and duties of the Italian citizen, according to each individual situation. The Italian citizen is obligated to notify his/her town of registration, through this consular office, of any personal variation regarding identification, residence, vital statistics, citizenship or family composition.

Italian citizens may be residents in Italy or abroad. In the first case, (residents in Italy) the Italian citizen is registered in the town in, what is called, the official Registry of the Resident Population (Anagrafe della Popolazione Residente – A.P.R.) and must contact their town for any necessary documentation. In the second case (residents abroad) their name will appear in the AIRE (Anagrafe degli Italiani Residenti all’Estero) lists of their Italian town of registration before emmigration. These persons may submit any request to the competent consular office regarding their AIRE files and the consular office will act as the official liasion with the Italian town of registry.

How to register in A.I.R.E.

The request to register in AIRE can be made by the applicant (for him/herself alone or for all the Italian members of his/her family) through the competent consular office abroad. It is also permissible that the Italian municipality registers an Italian citizen in AIRE if it is established that the Italian citizen no longer resides in the municipality but resides abroad. Equally, the consular office of residency may also request the Italian municipality to register the Italian citizen if it is established that the Italian citizen resides within the jurisdiction of the consular office. This may be established when working with the files of the Italian citizen, in the case of passport renewal as an example.

Registration in A.I.R.E. may occur without the direct request of the Italian citizen; but in any case the Italian citizen will be informed of this registration by an official notification sent by the Italian municipality via the consular office of residence.

Anyone interested in registering in the A.I.R.E. of an Italian municipality must contact the Italian consular office of residence and show the following documents:

– valid Italian passport;
– proof of legal residence abroad
– proof of residence within the consular jurisdiction (driver’s license, State iidentification card, housing contract or utility bill)

Variations of registration information to A.I.R.E.

The Italian citizen has the obligation to notify his/her town of registration of any personal variation regarding identification, residence, vital statistics, citizenship or family composition.

The Italian municipality automatically receives notification of the above variations if these changes occur in Italy. If the Italian citizen resides abroad, the Italian municipality may be informed of these changes directly by the Italian citizen or by the consular office of residence.

Italian citizens residing outside of Italy are obligated to inform the Italian Consulate of residence of any changes regarding the following:
– address abroad;
– citizenship status;
– vital statistics;
– family composition;
– name changes.

The prompt notification of any changes to the consular office regarding each individual – aside from being an obligation of the Italian citizen – will allow the Italian offices to maintain up-to-date and accurate records of Italian citizens residing abroad facilitating both the requests made by the Italian municipalities as well as the contact between the consular office and the resident Italian citizen.